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Правила CodeSign сертификатов
1. Scope
2. Purpose
3. References
4. Definitions
5. Abbreviations and Acronyms
6. Conventions
7. Certificate Warranties and Representations
7.1Certificate Beneficiaries
7.2 Certificate Warranties
7.3 Applicant Warranty
8. Community and Applicability
8.1 Compliance
8.2 Certificate Policies
8.2.1 Implementation
8.2.2 Disclosure
8.3 Commitment to Comply
8.4 Trust model
9. Certificate Content and Profile
9.1 Issuer Information
9.2 Subject Information
9.2.1 Subject Alternative Name Extension
9.2.2 Subject Common Name Field
9.2.3 Subject Domain Component Field
9.2.4 Subject Distinguished Name Fields
9.2.5 Reserved
9.2.6 Subject Organizational Unit Field
9.2.7 Reserved
9.2.8 Other Subject Attributes
9.3 Certificate Policy Identification
9.3.1 Certificate Policy Identifiers
9.3.2 Root CA Requirements
9.3.3 Subordinate CA Certificates
9.3.4 Subscriber Certificates
9.4 Maximum Validity Period
9.5 Subscriber Public Key
9.6 Certificate Serial Number
9.7 Reserved
9.8 Reserved
10. Certificate Request
10.1 Documentation Requirements
10.2 Certificate Request
10.2.1 General
10.2.2 Request and Certification
10.2.3 Information Requirements
10.2.4 Subscriber Private Key
10.3 Subscriber Agreement
10.3.1 General
10.3.2 Agreement Requirements
10.3.3 Service Agreement Requirements for Signing Authorities
11. Verification Practices
11.1 Verification of Organizational Applicants
11.1.1 Organization Identity and Address
11.1.2 DBA/Tradename
11.1.3 Requester Authority
11.2 Verification of Individual Applicants
11.2.1 Individual Identity
11.2.2 Authenticity of Identity
11.3 Age of Certificate Data
11.4 Denied List
11.5 High Risk Certificate Requests
11.6 Data Source Accuracy
11.7 Processing High Risk Applications
11.8 Due Diligence
12. Certificate Issuance by a Root CA
13. Certificate Revocation and Status Checking
13.1 Revocation
13.1.1 Revocation Request
13.1.2 Certificate Problem Reporting
13.1.3 Investigation
13.1.4 Response
13.1.5 Reasons for Revoking a Subscriber Certificate
13.1.6 Reasons for Revoking a Subordinate CA Certificate
13.1.7 Certificate Revocation Date
13.2 Certificate Status Checking
14. Employees and Third Parties
14.1 Trustworthiness and Competence
14.2 Delegation of Functions to Registration Authorities and Subcontractors
14.2.1 General
14.2.2 Compliance Obligation
14.2.3 Allocation of Liability
15. Data Records
16. Data Security and Private Key Protection
16.1 Timestamp Authority Key Protection
16.2 Signing Service Requirements
16.3 Subscriber Private Key Protection
17. Audit (39)
17.1 Eligible Audit Schemes
17.2 Audit Period
17.3 Audit Report
17.4 Pre-Issuance Readiness Audit
17.5 Audit of Delegated Functions
17.6 Auditor Qualifications
17.7 Key Generation Ceremony
18. Liability and Indemnification
Appendix A - Minimum Cryptographic Algorithm and Key Size Requirements
Appendix B - Certificate Extensions (Normative)
Appendix C - User Agent Verification (Normative)
Appendix D - High Risk Regions of Concern

7. Certificate Warranties and Representations

7.1 Certificate Beneficiaries

Certificate Beneficiaries means any one of the following:
1. All Application Software Suppliers with whom the Issuer or its Root CA has entered into a contract for distribution of its Root Certificate in software distributed by such Application Software Suppliers, or
2. All Relying Parties who reasonably rely on such a Certificate while a Signature associated with the Certificate is valid.

7.2 Certificate Warranties

1. Compliance. The Issuer and any Signing Service each represents that it has complied with these Requirements and the applicable Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement in issuing each Code Signing Certificate and operating its PKI or Signing Service.

2. Identity of Subscriber: At the time of issuance, the Issuer or Signing Service represents that it (i) operated a procedure for verifying the identity of the Subscriber that at least meets the requirements in Section 11 of this document, (ii) followed the procedure when issuing or managing the Certificate, and (iii) accurately described the same procedure in the Issuer’s Certificate Policy or Certification Practice Statement.

3. Authorization for Certificate: At the time of issuance, the Issuer represents that it (i) operated a procedure for verifying that the Applicant authorized the issuance of the Certificate, (ii) followed the procedure, and (iii) accurately described the same procedure in the Issuer’s Certificate Policy or Certification Practice Statement.

4. Accuracy of Information: At the time of issuance, the Issuer represents that it (i) operated a procedure for verifying that all of the information contained in the Certificate (with the exception of the subject:organizationalUnitName attribute) was true and accurate, (ii) followed the procedure, and (iii) accurately described the same procedure in the CA’s Certificate Policy or Certification Practice Statement.

5. Key Protection: The Issuer represents that it provided the Subscriber at the time of issuance with documentation on how to securely store and prevent the misuse of Private Keys associated with Code Signing Certificates, or in the case of a Signing Service, securely stored and prevented the misuse of Private Keys associated with Code Signing Certificates;

6. Subscriber Agreement: The Issuer and Signing Service represent that the Issuer or Signing Service entered into a legally valid and enforceable Subscriber Agreement with the Applicant that satisfies these Requirements.

7. Status: The CA represents that it will maintain a 24 x 7 online-accessible Repository with current information regarding the status of Certificates as valid or revoked for the period required by these Requirements.

8. Revocation: The CA represents that it will revoke a Certificate upon the occurrence of a revocation event specified in these Requirements.

7.3Applicant Warranty

The Issuer or Signing Service MUST require, as part of the Subscriber Agreement, that the Applicant make the commitments and warranties set forth in Section 10.3.2 and/or Section 10.3.3 of this document, as applicable, for the benefit of the Issuer and the Certificate Beneficiaries. 

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